UK Finalists (6)

Cemsica (Wharton, USA)
Cemsica has invented a novel proprietary membrane material with superior selectivity and durability that can be used in many carbon capturing applications. The membrane can be used as a drop-in solutions inside gas separation units in oil ad gas industry, gas separation industry, power generation, and industrial plants.

iRecycle (London Business School, UK)
iRecycle is an educational app that allows the user to identify the chemical composition of any item through: 1) bar code scanning 2) picture identification 3) manual input of information. What differentiates iRecycle from a simple local council website or the indications available on some packages, is that it should be designed as an educational game rather than a material identifier.

NatureInc (Harvard, USA)
Nature Inc was formed to create solutions that improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. To this end, we are developing the Smart AC Plug, which will transform the operation of room air conditioners (ACs) to improve efficiency and comfort while reducing energy demand peaks.

Oorja (Imperial College, London, UK)
Oorja’s goal is to use locally available crop waste and solar PV systems to provide affordable and reliable electricity for productive uses in rural India. These hybrid decentralized power plants will sustainably transform crop waste through gasification to generate electricity, char and waste heat.

Pants on Fire (Indian School of Business, India)
Our idea is to harness the kinetic energy of leg-movement through small dynamos integrated into the pants. The generator mechanism will consist of elastic strings inside the seams of the pants which will be pulled during walking. This is the first product that will generate (this amount of) electricity through wearable clothes without external aid

CustoMem (Imperial College, London, UK)
Through a low-energy scalable biological process, CustoMem produces a membrane that can selectively capture heavy metals, and allows customers to adhere to the increasing governmental standards on waste-water quality. We developed novel protocols and genetic parts (patent pending) for reprogramming a newly-isolated bacteria using synthetic biology, to produce customisable bio-materials with novel functions.

UK Finalists will be competing with four finalists from our European affiliates.

GEMINI (Universite catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
GEMINI is developing a new generation of small vertical axis wind turbine that is fixed at the edge of buildings. Our patented technology increases the power of 800% of the wind through the amplification of the Venturi effect. This means that a 1m50 GEMINI module can product to 1500kWh/year. For an average Belgian family, this is equivalent of half of the energy consumption of the family.

Polytential (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)
Polytential comes with a new method to separate shredded plastic flakes. For every single flake, the colour and polymer type is detected by a combination of hyper spectral imaging, infra-red spectroscopy and ‘regular’ camera’s. After that, the flakes are marked with a viscous liquid using Inkjet technology. In the last phase, the plastic flakes are separated as a result of different behaviours induced by the viscous liquid placed on the flakes.

FoodMe! (MIP Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
FoodMe! is a mobile app, that uses the expiration date to offer our customers a personalized recipe, according to the products they have in their fridge. This product is intended to develop in the user a sustainable culture, by avoiding food wastes, with the additional benefits of time & money saving.

UpSource (Uppsala University, Sweden)
UpSource is a Resource Management Application aiming to divert unnecessary food waste by connecting consumers to the retail sector as well as allowing consumers to share food to reduce the high levels of household food waste. Their solution uses the UpSource app to develop and encourage citizen participation through a circular economic model that contributes towards building more sustainable communities.