Past Finalists

Some of the CleanTech Challenge previous finalists


2014 – BioCarbon Engineering

Countering industrial scale deforestation using industrial scale reforestation. BioCarbon Engineering developed an integrated system for mapping, reforestation and monitoring.

BioCarbon Engineering


2014 – ReVibe Energy

Through utilising the kinetic energy in vibrations, ReVibe Energy can provide a mobile power source where electricity is created simply by harnessing surrounding vibrations.

Revibe Energy


2014 – Turbosail

The Turbosail is a rigid cylinder that looks like a smokestack and functions like an air plane wing. A movable shutter and system of fan-drawn aspiration improves the efficiency of this new sail. Implemented on the Alcyone scientific research vessel, demonstrating average fuel savings of 35%, serving as a working prototype to showcase the technology to this day.

2016-01-19 16_24_48-Cousteau Turbosail wind propulsion


2013 (winner) – PowerWindow

PowerWindow is an energy-producing light-tinted window that generates electricity by combining three existing technologies in one integrated system.

“The accompanied prize money really inspired us to turn our research project which it was at the time, into the startup it is today”


2011 (winner) – Black Silicon Solar

Black Silicon Solar develops next-generation technologies for improving silicon solar cells in a cost-efficient way.

“The biggest benefit from CTC for us was definitely the valuable feedback on our ideas, business plan and pitch, which we got from both the judges, the other teams and the organizers.”

2016-01-19 16_30_54-Black Silicon Solar - Home


2009 (winner) – Decarbon Capital (formerly Greenlease)

Greenlease evolved into successful energy reduction investment business Decarbon Capital.

“It is a really safe environment to test your business model and your ideas. The mentors and judges have terrific experience”